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Introducing the all new SEIKO TP-6 New Replacement Model For TP-20 Time & Date Stamp product from Seiko Solutions Inc. TP20 and TP10 Time & Date Stamp Machines model are replaced with The Seiko Electronic TP6 Time & Date Stamp. The TP-6 provides the essential features of time & date printing in different formats combined with a highly durable and reliable printing mechanism. The TP-6 offers standard time & date printing which can be combined with 13 pre-set comments, the print set being created on the machine itself.

Time/Date & Numbering Printer for:

  • Job-costing
  • Time attendance
  • Transaction recording
  • Document issuing/ receiving
  • Ticketing/ validating
  • Delivery/dispatch
  • Plus more…


  • Perpetual calendar changes year, month and date automatically
  • Keeps time during power failures – no resetting needed
  • Chooses left or right hand margin printing
  • Fast and automatic print activation
  • Automatic adjustment for daylight saving time
  • Selectable printing options – with 18 preset print formats and 13 messages
  • Wall of table mounting
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.


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