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The versatile PIX-200 Time and Date Stamp Machine from Amano, doubles as side printing time clock and Document Stamping Machine. The PIX-200 Time Stamp Machine is ideal for heavy duty applications where there is need to record time, date and/or number stamp with up to 3 lines of customisable comments. The PIX-200 is equipped with a large back lit window to facilitate the alignment of document or material to be printed.

Typical applications are stamping start and end times of tasks in garages and workshops or arrival and departure times of vehicles in car parks. In banking or finance, the PIX-200 Document Stamping Machine is widely used for printing deposit slips or stamping new orders with the exact date and time of order and execution. Several numbering formats can be chosen and up to 8 digits can be selected including starting number, number of repeats before increment or decrement, as well as number of repeats before reset. Other number reset conditions can be programmed.


  • Electronic time stamp/ job cost recorder
  • Automatic printing
  • Dot matrix printer
  • Selectable print formats
  • Perpetual calendar
  • Full battery back up
  • Ideal for time stamping documents in garage workshops
  • Car parking tickets
  • Printing presses etc.


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