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Save time and money by choosing our MIFARE / DESfire powered clocking in devices. Besides regular registration with a RFID badge or PIN the TM-818 SC also supports MIFARE and DESfire clocking, allowing users to manage their time registration, access control, personal identification and cashless transactions with just one badge. Your facility operations have never been easier.


  • Complete clocking solution including TimeMoto Cloud
  • Includes the TimeMoto Cloud Free plan and a 30-day TimeMoto Cloud Plus trial
  • Compliant with the new European Privacy Regulation (GDPR)
  • Collects and calculates hours worked, project hours, overtime and absences
  • For up to 2.000 users
  • Time logs: Up to 100.000 logs
  • Clocking in/out with MIFARE, DESfire, RFID badge or PIN
  • Compatible with all MIFARE and DESfire badges that use a ISO/IEC 14443A protocol including: MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Legic, MIFARE Classic 1 KB & 4 KB, MIFARE DESFire 2 KB, 4 KB & 8 KB
  • Compatible with MIFARE and DESfire systems that operate on a 13.56 MHz frequency
  • Compatible with RFID systems that operate on a 125 kHz frequency
  • Connects over Wi-Fi, Ethernet (LAN) or USB Host
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Clock in with project codes
  • Smart clocking prevents users from accidentally clocking twice
  • No loss of data with the automatic data back-up function


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