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The SEIKO TP-50 from Seiko Solutions Inc., Japan brings the highest possible functionality into time & date stamping. Combining highest reliability and durability with standard time & date printing and pre-set or customised comments, numbers and counters, all selectable by the push of 4 available buttons.


• 2 line printing by one action
• Up to 4 print patterns selectable by dedicated key
• Custom comment setting and configuration by PC
• More versatile numbering counters. Count-up / count down, configurable counting range (by min, max, and initial number)
• Data pick-up via USB stick
• Lighted print area and back-lit graphic display
• Shifted time printing
• Easy adjustment of print position
• Intuitive programming and operation by graphic display 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese)
• Automatic Daylight Saving Time (D.S.T.) adjustment
• Memory for 48 program steps. It allows blocking / unblocking certain functions, printing contents, lighting settings or the whole device during certain time periods.
• The TP-50 has a physical lock as well as a password protection for access to making settings.
• Memory back-up for up to 3 years.
• Wall mounting
• Physical dimensions -156mm W x 179mm D x 181mm H
• Accessories -Ribbon black – TP-1051N, Ribbon red – TP-1051R


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