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The Max Electronic Time Recorder ER-2500 is a mid range time recorder from MAX. The Max ER-2500 features easy to read symbols for late arrival, early departure and overtime – allowing you to spot trends at a glance. The MAX machines also use an angled card design to make the machine easy and quick to operate.

  • Fully automatic recorder
  • redprinting to show lateness basic daily total and running accumulation for the pay period for up to 130 employees (50 employees in round-the-clock 24hr working mode).
  • Up to 6 columns are available (3 IN, 3 OUT and one calculated column)
  • Fully automatic printing operation cannot overprint previous entries
  • Symbols for Late in, Early Out, and Overtime
  • Can calculate “Daily Total Time” (either Regular worktime or overtime) with a running total.
  • Automatically adjusts for BST/GMT
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly or monthly pay periods available.
  • 150 Employee Capacity Adjustment of Out Clocking to previous day (after Line Shift Time) with Symbol
  • Prints standard minutes or 1/100ths hours
  • Built in speaker provides up to 22 signals with a facility to connect to external siren/bell (requires optional relay)
  • Easy installation for desk top or wall mounting


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