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The unique Time-Precision range of clocking in machines have been designed to be truly “set and forget”. Fully automatic for all functions and time adjustments. Simply insert your card and a clear, accurate clocking is printed. These time clocks are the most high-tech and robust on the market, setting a new standard for the industry. Tip: Using “In” and “Out” racks either side of the clock is an excellent way of doing a fire roll call in an emergency, by unhooking the “In” rack from the wall.


  • Red to highlight lateness
  • Up to 6 clockings per day per employee
  • Auto in and out clocking, auto hour change for Summer and Winter
  • Auto re-set of time and date after power cut
  • Bell ringing facility Simply Plug in and start clocking straight from the box.
  • Up to 6 clockings per day per employee.
  • 2 colour printing (Red for exceptions such as late clockings).
  • Output to bell or siren for start, stop and break times.
  • Fully automatic in and out clocking.
  • Automatic hour change for Summer & Winter.
  • Auto re-set of time, date & memory after power cut.
  • Large, clear LCD time and date display.
  • Tough ABS construction for robust use.
  • Anti-tamper, lockable case.
  • Built-in battery backup for time, date and memory auto-reset after power failure.
  • Selectable print formats: Date and time, day and time (12 or 24 hour format).
  • Standard 60 min or 1/100 (decimal) and 1/10 hour time printing.
  • Wall or table top mounting.


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